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Where’s My Stuff?

I’ve semi-rearranged the sewing room to make room for the new quilting machine and in the process I’ve managed to misplace most everything – I can’t find my stuff.

I use the word rearranged very loosely.  It was more of a case of “shove this cart over into a corner, and this table over there.  Then stack a few things on top of whatever was most recently moved.  Okay, put a few more things on top of that tower of fabric, it shouldn’t topple over.  Oh yeah, and push this out of the way, too.”  The sewing room has reached critical mass, and I can’t find one thing in all of the chaos.

I could start cleaning this evening, but I think I’ll pull a Scarlett O’Hara – I’ll think about it tomorrow, meanwhile ignoring the mess while I sip on an adult beverage while I sit in front of the biggest time waster of all, my computer.

I’m still hanging with Bonnie Hunter and have spent the weekend hunkered down with Segment Two of the Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt.  Thank goodness that I’m only making the small quilt which measures 75″ or 190.5 cm square.  The fact that I don’t own a king-sized bed had a lot to do with my decision, in this case size does matter.

If I had opted for the large quilt, I would have needed to cut a total of 1,464 fabric patches to make 244 chevron units.  As it is, I cut 600 patches to make a grand total of 100 chevron units.  Each chevron measures 3.5″ or 8.89 cm unfinished.  Ten more chevron units and I can color this segment complete.

butterscotch yellowI had a last minute change of heart over the yellows.  When shopping my stash for this project, I pulled every piece of caramel colored fabric that I owned.  But within the last few weeks, I’ve been gifted with a number of bags and boxes of fabric and with the occasional surprise of quilting related buried treasure.  (Note: if I could find my stuff, I’d show you).  While burrowing through one particular bag – or maybe it was a box – I found a scrap of yellow fabric that made me think of butterscotch the minute I saw it.  “Too bad,” I thought, “that there’s so little of this fabric.”  I smoothed it out, and set it aside while I delved deeper into the bag (or box).  Soon after, I shouted “Eureka!” while hauling out several yards of the same fabric.

Selecting greens is easy – all greens live together in nature.  Blues can be a bit tricky, and in my world, so can reds, and oranges, and yellow.  So I chucked all of the caramel colored yellows in favor of the lighter, and in my humble opinion, happier butterscotch yellows.

Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice