Kith and Kin

Napoleon Bonaparte Ware, Jr.I was doing a bit of organizing today and it occurred to me that it might be helpful to keep a go-to page for family members, genealogists, or anyone else that might have an interest in family stories, letters, documents, photographs, &tc.  This might be a lot easier than digging through the blog archives, although you’re more than welcome to do that as well – who knows what I’ve missed.

The man in the photo is my grandfather on the distaff side of the family, and his full name really was Napoleon Bonaparte Ware, Jr.  Generally, he was called N.B., although he answered to both Nep and Neppie.  Now this part is going to sound kind of Tennessee Williams… but by the grandchildren, he was known as Big Daddy.

5 thoughts on “Kith and Kin

  1. Claire Saucier

    Hi Jo! I’m Claire Saucier. My brother Tom recently provided you with the cabinet card of Pelagie Roussin. Anyway, If I can get your e-mail address I have some bits of information that you may be interested in. Before Louise died (she was Anthony Wayne’s only daughter) she wrote her family memories down. I spent some time organizing them and gave each of my siblings a copy last year for Christmas. It’s about 85 pages of text and another 20 of pictures. It also includes a couple pages of Cowan memories of Louise Cook Saucier (Grandma Saucier) written by two of Mabel’s daughters. I believe Mabel was formally known as Patricia Alberta. After reading some of Aunt Hattie’s Story I think Louise’s can provide you with some of the missing details. Please drop me note and we’ll figure out a way to share the info.


  2. Carol Fanconi

    Jo, I have soo enjoyed all the family history on your blog. Hope I can het a copy of Louise’s book. I am fascinated and have several family stories to share so we can compare notes. Carol Fanconi


  3. Claire Saucier

    Carol, I’d be happy to get copies of Louise’s book printed for anyone interested. I can do that for $20 per copy – that’s the printing and shipping. I will probably wait until after the reunion to do one (hopefully) large order rather than 1 book at a time. If you want to e-mail me, I think you can get my address from this website by hovering over my icon.



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