The Blocks

I’ve arranged both sets of blocks identically to illustrate how using different fabric placement can radically alter the look of the same block.

The first palette I chose was chrome yellow and ivory accented by black, with gray, tan and orange.


The second palette is with Liberty of London fabrics.  I initially bought them because they reminded me of my grandmother’s dresses.  I once considered those fabrics so fussy, but attitudes and tastes change, right?


As as a side note: in the third block in this set, do you see a critter staring back at you?  Some of the members of the Flickr group have said it looks like a cat, a few said a monkey, and one even said it looked like a ‘vegetable face’ used to entice kids to eat their veggies.  Whatever it is, it was simply a happy accident when I cut the fabric.

2 thoughts on “The Blocks

    1. jotokla Post author

      I did a quick blink and could indeed see the woman holding up the flowers – cool! I have to admit that the owl isn’t coming so easy, but I’ll keep working at it.



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