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Aug. 18, 2012 – I’ve just started fooling around with layouts for this project.  I played around in Electric Quilt until I came up with one that I liked, then I tweaked it a little more.  Not quite the fabrics that I’m using, but close.  I expect that I’ll refine the layout more as the project progresses.  (I know, I know – this layout uses 50 blocks, I’ll have to come up with one extra.)

Aug. 23, 2012 – Refining the layout just a bit little more.  After staring at my inspiration piece, I decided the quilt needed a lot more of the toasty tan and less of the gray.  Also wanted to make it more scrappy, less matchy-matchy.  I scored a Dear Jane II black fabric with feathers and flowers to use in both the blocks and the outside border.  I feel like it’s starting to come together now.

Nov. 14, 2012 – Haven’t been quite satisfied with the sashing in either of the earlier versions. While I was on vacation last week, I spent a fair amount of time in EQ reworking the idea, and I found that I was happiest when I eliminated that design element altogether. I’m not saying that this will be the final solution – it still needs some work on the borders – but I’m pretty sure, as they say, that this dog will hunt.

Grandmother's Choice Layout Idea v3

Dec. 23, 2012 – Had a little extra time in all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season (yeah, right – there is no bustling going on in this little corner of the map – this is SW Oklahoma after all).  So, I played with the outside border, finally, and decided to hang a string of on-point tiles around the edge.  I auditioned yellow tiles, black tiles, and orange tiles.  I also tried a combination of alternating yellow/black, and yellow/orange, and orange/black.  I believe yellow/black/orange is going to be the winner.


[Edit.: None of these ideas/versions made the final cut.  To read about the end of my Grandmother’s Choice project, click here.]

9 thoughts on “Layout Ideas

  1. akagracie

    I like it, Jo (surprise). Really like the fabric in the outer border – is it the same as in the sashing? The darker color is a nice complement to the orange and yellow. Will you stick to these specific fabrics & colors in your blocks or are you using these as a take-off point?


    1. jotokla Post author

      Thanks so much for the compliment. As for the fabrics, the border fabric will be different from the sashing. One of these days I’ll need to photograph each fabric that I’m using, upload it into EQ, and then I can ‘color’ the quilt with my own fabrics. Until then, I’m simply using similar fabrics already in the fabric library. So far, I’m sticking to my guns on the fabric I’ve selected: yellow, ivory, black, gray, beige and orange.


    1. jotokla Post author

      Thanks Vicki – After seeing your first block I’m doubly appreciative of your compliment. I expect to be even more wowed in the next 48 weeks!


  2. akagracie

    I like v.2 quite a bit – it is such a beautiful frame to showcase the individual blocks. I can see, though, that in v.3, without sashing, the blocks draw all the attention and are more cohesive. By widening the border strip between the two orange strips, you’re drawing more attention to the black in the blocks, I think, as the dots in the border both lighten it and relate back to the light in the blocks. Does that make sense to you?
    More briefly, I think v. 3 is more traditional.
    In any case, this is going to be gorgeous!


  3. Katell, Quilteuse Forever

    The one dated Dec. 23rd is really so exciting!!
    I would not vote for a setting on point for this sampler (like 1 or 2), so many blocks need to stay horizontal.
    Your outer border sparkles and the little black squares are a great choice to make it “live”. Far better than a straight black border –but yes, so much more to sew!

    I keep sketching with pencils but you make me want to get this wonderful Electric Quilt!


    1. jotokla Post author

      I agree with you on so many points. I discarded the on-point setting idea after the first few blocks came out, but was very sure that I didn’t want a plain horizontal setting either. I am very excited about the outside border, I feel that it brings the quilt to life as well.

      Although I adore it, my EQ program is a little old and outdated, v. 5, so not as many bells and whistles as the newer versions. I still use paper and pencil – I find that it’s more satisfying to draft blocks by hand and it’s easier to check my math using the old tried-and-true method.


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