About JoT

So you’re wondering about me.  That makes two of us.  I’ve never been one of those people with focus. I’m not saying that I’m going through the identity crisis that people of a certain generation so like to talk about.   If anything, I’m still waiting for that to happen.

All I’m saying is that I don’t have focus.  Never had it, never will.  With all of the possibilities out there, who could settle on one or a few things to be interested in, relate to, or enjoy?

If you’re expecting focus in this blog, you won’t find it.  When an idea skids across my brain, I’ll probably write about it here.

On the left is my jenny, Pepper. The camera hog on the right is my jack, Donkey Hotie.

13 thoughts on “About JoT

    1. Jo Post author

      And I thank you most sincerely for the nomination 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog post about what’s involved in accepting the Liebster – will have to give your questions some thought!


  1. Cece Boyer Myers

    I just ran across your blog and am so excited! I am a distant Old Mines/ Richwoods, Mo Roussin descendent. Would you consider granting permission to reprint some of your blog stories in our Historical Society quarterly newsletter ?

    Best wishes!
    Cousin Cece Boyer Myers


    1. Jo Post author

      Good morning, Linda – So Louise was pimping my blog? What a good sister! Really glad you stopped by, and I do hope you found something of interest.


  2. Susan Fox

    I really like the thistles photos – I grew up with this. I am a writer and am looking for an appropriate pictures of the tumbleweeds – we had them on the farm, in Sask Canada!
    Could I please have you permission to use the one with the gate (no dogs)
    I would be ever so grateful
    Susan fox 403 275 5768


  3. kklouzek

    Hi Jo, I found your blog the other day and was excited to read every word. I am related to the Cook family who lived in and around Old Mines and Richwoods, MO. I live outside of Hillsboro, MO which is not very far. I have been the family genealogist for 40+ years. I would like your permission to use the information and pictures in your blog in my family tree. I appreciate the time and effort you and other family members of yours spent in researching and writing all the detailed facts and pictures. Much of your information not only was new to me, but it also corrected and validated what I already had.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jo Post author

      Good morning, cousin! Every word? I’m flattered! We’re all family here, so please feel free to use any photos or information you think will add to your records and research. So happy that you found this blog!


      1. kklouzek

        Many thanks for your permission. BTW, I noticed the name of your blog (JoTokla) on the side of one of the buildings in a picture so I am wondering if Jo is your real name or not? Your information says you live in Oklahoma. I did a consulting assignment in Enid one very hot summer many years ago. I remember the temperature was 110+ and walking out from being in the air-conditioning the heat took your breath away momentarily. That was an experience that growing up in the St. Louis area was a shock even though we have heated summers too. But, I did enjoy the steaks in the well-known steakhouse in Enid while I was there that made up for the temps.
        My great uncle James A Cook who married my grandfathers sister Bessie was the grandson of James Asa Cook. He was a St. Louis policeman as was my grandfather. I unfortunately did not get into genealogy until after he passed so I never was able to ask him anything he knew about his family. The Klouzek lineage traces back to Bohemia thru my great grand father who immigrated to St. Louis in 1881 so as a Civil War Buff I was always wondering if I had any ancestors who fought in the Civil War. I was excited when I found out that James Asa Cook and his relatives did fight as your blog mentions about Eugene Felix did too. I was also sad to read about Charles Clide Saucier who died in WWI at 23. Uncle Jim and my grandfather’s brother Joe both fought in WWI also and returned. Charles was a very handsome young man in that picture you found of him in his uniform. Ok, I know TMI Ken



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