Whimsy: It’s Icing On The Cake

In my book, someone who turns down the opportunity to let a little whimsy brighten their day is as sad as a lost ball in high weeds.

I’ve been making headway on the patches I salvaged from the scrap bin – haven’t had the time or the energy to cut any more scraps, but I’ve got more than enough to finish up the current project.

pinstripeThe lightweight gray suiting?  After spending too much time dithering, and doing my best Jimmy Durante imitation trying to decide whether to use the right side or the wrong side, I finally decided to go with the pinstripes.

I had so few stripes in the scrap bin – florals I’ve got, with some checks, and a few dots, but I was definitely stripe poor.  I love geometrics and have a tendency to use everything I have quickly, so pinstripes were the only way to go.  You know the rule of five, right?  Large floral, small floral, check, stripe, dot.

Lately, Edyta Sitar has been claiming the rule of five as her formula, but truthfully, decorators have been using it for decades.  And that’s fine; Edyta is a quilting goddess, and I can forgive goddesses quite a bit if they keep the eye candy coming.

Oh, that was kind of off topic.

As I was saying, the 32-patches were stacking up as a result of staying with the leader/ender method, and I had the suiting already cut into rectangles to fit, so I decided to start slapping parts on the design wall.  Then, when I wasn’t looking, this lil’ guy popped in.

Applique Swallows

And before I knew exactly what was going on, he whistled up some friends.  I suspect that these five are outriders for a whole flock, and that makes me just about as happy as a boardinghouse pup.

Whimsy… gotta love it.

Outriders of the flock


7 thoughts on “Whimsy: It’s Icing On The Cake

  1. mudmama

    You are a genius ! Put my name in the list for the grand prize drawing! I absolutely love it! I saw some mention on FB about a quilting cruise??? Ever hear such a thing? Doesn’t it sound like fun! Congrats on your new design. Inspired!


    1. Jo Post author

      Quilt Cruises absolutely sound like tons of fun! They’re usually a cruise-long workshop led by superstars of the quilt world like… Alex Anderson, Bonnie Hunter, and Edyta Sitar. Thanks for the attagirl Carol, much appreciated!


    1. Jo Post author

      Thanks so much, D! I’m still trying to figure out why the birds? The idea came out of left field – but I like it, too.


    1. Jo Post author

      Thanks, Morgan! The patchwork looked so static on the design wall. I had high hopes that some free-form quilting would add enough movement, but after stepping back and giving the idea time to percolate, I knew that wasn’t going to be enough. Watching the barn swallows hunt and frolic is one of my favorite summer pastimes, and I thought that maybe they’d add a measure of playfulness (and movement) to the quilt – I think that I’m on the right track, now.

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