Did It Happen At The World’s Fair?

More buried treasure from central Missouri unearthed by my sister, Louise – a cache of photos of Ida Louise (Hoffmann) Saucier (1888-1963), and her husband, James Garfield Saucier (1887-1962).

Ida Louise (Hoffmann) Saucier 1888-1963

I have a theory that this photo might’ve been taken during a trip to St. Louis, when Ida went to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition along with a Miss Saucier, Flora Mack, Minnie Rueppele, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schmuke, all of Stanton, MO – a newsy tidbit pulled from the Republican Headlight of Union, MO dated 29 July, 1904.  Ida would’ve been 16 years old… just about right, I’d say (no corroboration, just happy daydreaming).

I suspect that the photo above was a proof provided by Sidney Studio of St. Louis – the photo does seem sloppily mounted – and that the following photo is the finished portrait.  It’s the same shot, but cropped, and done by L.J. Newton – perhaps a photographer that was local to Stanton or Union?

Ida Louise (Hoffmann) Saucier 1888-1963

Then a pair of professional portraits of Ida and Jim from a little later, possibly the late 1930s or early 1940s.  The photographs were shot by Ruth Rust in Jefferson City, MO (at one time, Miss Rust was the official photographer for members of the state legislature and state officers).

Ida Louise (Hoffmann) Saucier 1888-1963

James Garfield Saucier 1887-1962

Last but not least, a snapshot of our grandparents from the early 1950s: Jim and Ida Saucier in front of their home out on Route M in Taos, MO (or was it Route Y?).  The house is still standing – perhaps my ancillary database (Louise) will tell me where it is.

Ida and Jim Saucier - Taos, MO

5 thoughts on “Did It Happen At The World’s Fair?

  1. Judy Johnson

    There is a Sidney St. in downtown STL. My mother (Mabel Saucier) told me she went to the World’s Fair in 1904. She would have been 5 years old. Possibly the Miss Saucier? I remember it was with sibling(s) but don’t remember who. Lovely picture of Ida.

    Judy Johnson

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    1. Jo Post author

      Hey there Judy – I’m in the process of trying to narrow down just which Miss Saucier it might have been. Aunt Hattie is out of the running, as she was Mrs. Wm. Douglas by then, but still working on the other Saucier girls. Very interesting to learn that Mabel went, too. I think she would’ve gone with an older sister in tow, as well. 🙂


    1. Jo Post author

      Hello Patti! Hope a few of these photos triggered some happy memories for your mom. Give Sis a hug for me next time you see her!

      Edit: Got word back from Louise – house is ‘still’ there on Hwy M – and she took a photo for me!


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