Block Twenty-Nine: Australia’s Star

A seven-pointed star for Australia.  You figure out the geometry on this block, I can’t, it’s well beyond my poor math skills.

Australia Barbara Brackman Grandmother's Choice Fight For Women's Rights

This is version two – my first try ended up in the trashcan accompanied by a stream of invectives you’d do well not to even try to imagine.  I’m sure that a few choice words are still lingering in the sewing room, there’s a cloud shape hovering up near the ceiling, violet streaked with black.  Occasionally a rogue syllable comes tearing out of the cloud, goes bouncing off the walls, and just generally has fun hearing its own sly echo (insert gremlin-type cackle here)… oh the shame.

I’m glad I gave the block a shot – two shots to be precise – but I’m happier still that the block is complete.

6 thoughts on “Block Twenty-Nine: Australia’s Star

    1. Jo Post author

      Thanks for the reminder – my bad. I neglected to mention that this week’s block in Barbara Brackman’s BOW, Grandmother’s Choice: The Fight For Women’s Rights, honors Australia, and that between 1894 and 1908, the women in all six states won the right to vote.

      If you’re interested in what Barbara had to say about the history of women’s rights in the Land Down Under, here’s the link to her post on Australia’s Star:


      1. mosaicthinking

        Thanks for filling in the gap. Your readers might not know that New Zealand was the very first country to give women the right to vote, something the people of Kiwi-land are justifiably proud of.


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