Blocks Seventeen & Eighteen: Mother’s Delight & Cheyenne

I’m caught up.  Did you hear the soft echo of a woohoo a little while ago?  That was me.

Mother's Delight Barbara Brackman Fight For Womens Rights Quilt Grandmother's ChoiceI began this block, Mother’s Delight, last Saturday, but I spent most of the day fussing with fabric placement.   When that happens, I know that it’s going to be a long road until I see the checkered flag – a long and pot-holed road.

So how much of a yawner has this restricted color palette become?  The scrappy quilter in me wants out badly – I just need to push through this wall that I’ve slammed into, and keep sewing (classic crash dummy mentality in action).

Cheyenne Barbara Brackman Fight For Womens Rights Quilt Grandmother's ChoiceToday’s block is called Cheyenne, and when I look at my finished block I’m reminded of a running figure.  The name of the block plus the image puts me in mind of New Year’s Day, 1978.

I was in Cheyenne, Wyoming and it was snowing – no, that needs repeating, but with a little more emphasis – it was snowing.  It may well have been the worst snowstorm I’ve ever experienced.  If not the worst,  it was easily in my Top Three.  (Oh, for crying out loud, who scores blizzards?)

Just as the airport was closing, I caught a commuter flight out to Denver.  It was a twin engine, six-seater plane and we flew so low during that storm, we skimmed fences.  When things would start to get dull, a chunk of ice would tear itself loose from one of the props and bounce off the fuselage.  The truly unfortunate part of this story is that there weren’t any in-flight services, (although I could have used an adult beverage or five on that flight).

My final layout design for this quilt is coming together nicely and I’ve decided that I need far fewer blocks with orange fabric in them than I’d originally thought.  You’ll be seeing a lot of chrome yellow & gray, chrome yellow & black and chrome yellow & gray & black combinations in the very near future.  Lots of them.

I ran across another wonderful vintage illustration for the suffrage movement over at Barbara Brackman’s blog.  She was referencing Western states generally, and Wyoming in particular – a pioneer state in votes for women – as leading the fight for women’s rights.

The illustration was done in a popular palette of the U.S. women’s suffrage movement, gold and ivory accented with black.  Still love the colors, and no matter how loudly the insane scrappy quilter inside me screams to be set free, I’m going to stick to my guns and keep plugging away.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ms. B – I needed that spark today!

9 thoughts on “Blocks Seventeen & Eighteen: Mother’s Delight & Cheyenne

  1. candy

    Pretty blocks! I wish I was caught up. I think I’m now only three behind. having a hrd time staying “invested” in this project. 😦


    1. jotokla Post author

      I know the feeling! This is my first quilt along and the problem for me is the slowness of the project, only one block a week. Just as I’m gearing up to have lots of fun piecing, the block is done and I have to switch to another project.


  2. Katell, Quilteuse Forever

    Your color scheme is so chic Jo! Silver and Gold I would say, with black & ivory to enhance these colors. Your palette is very nice, but above all closely linked to the subject. Great choice!

    Difficult to stay focused on this project once you dropped for a few weeks, but like you I want to go on!


    1. jotokla Post author

      J’ai été tellement peur que vous aviez décidé d’abandonner ce projet.

      Staying focused is hard, especially during the holidays. I am at least four blocks behind with my Liberty fabrics. Added to this problem is the Easy Street project, all I want to do is work on that quilt – I am so happy with the way it is turning out. But we are almost at the halfway point of Barbara’s project, so we should both stay focused now. 🙂


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