Block Fourteen: Bride’s Knot

Bride's KnotThis week’s block in the Fight For Women’s Rights Quilt Project is: Bride’s Knot – Invisible Women.

We revisited the subject of women losing possession of everything they owned, even the clothes on their back at the moment they married.  The bride instantly became a chattel, another piece of personal property with no rights of her own… an invisible woman.

This block happens to be a variation on one of my favorite patterns, Churn Dash.  It’s a versatile block, with so many different possibilities, and all dependent on fabric color and placement.

If you’d like to see some different interpretations, jump on over to the Grandmother’s Choice Flickr Group.  The blocks may just knock your socks off.

I could have added in some more colors and made this a lot more intricate and interesting, giving it a true knot effect.  Instead, I kept it simple, using the chrome yellow to represent a plain gold wedding band.

5 thoughts on “Block Fourteen: Bride’s Knot

  1. Katell, Quilteuse Forever

    I was touched by Barbara’s explanations about women losing their rights when they married… I am really hooked to this rendez-vous each Saturday afternoon (for us in Europe!).
    You were right to keep it simple, it is striking like that. I guessed your idea about your chrome yellow for gold 🙂


    1. jotokla Post author

      I’m all about Saturday’s myself – and now I’m hooked on Easy Street as well. Hmmm…. who’s blog was I at when I learned about the Quiltsville Mystery? 😉


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