Block Ten: New York

Feeling deliciously lazy today – it’s day one of a whole week of vacation.

I began my Saturday as usual with a full tank of caffeine and Barbara Brackman’s block of the week, Grandmother’s Choice: The Fight For Women’s Rights.

According to instructions, the upper left corner was supposed to be either a plain patch, or a small pieced star.  I decided that a bit of variation was in order – so I drafted out a wee version of a block from a few weeks ago.

The X to represent casting a ballot.

Tuesday, November 6th is our day to vote here in the U.S.  Do vote.  Voice your opinion.

P.S.  Ask around – do any of your neighbors need a ride to the polls?

5 thoughts on “Block Ten: New York

  1. akagracie

    Very nice, as always. I like the way you combined the patterns, Jo. Wish you had some time to come visit me, but I do understand priorities and commitments – especially insofar as running a farm is concerned!


    1. jotokla Post author

      Surely you’ve heard how testy Hotie and Pepper can be when they don’t get their alfalfa on a regular basis. Have I mentioned that Hotie has figured out how to open the barn door? Donkeys! (Oh, and let’s not even mention Big Julie. What a guy.)


  2. candy

    I like this variation…especially tying it in to election day. Great colors! I decided to take the easy way out and just make the block the way the directions say. So, I’m finally caught up with them.


    1. jotokla Post author

      Yay – Candy’s caught up! Don’t you just love that moment? I took the easy way out myself on my second set, (I’ve decided that I must’ve been out of my mind when I decided to do a second quilt), and those fabrics look best when I keep it simple. I can work with simple. 🙂


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