Block Eight: Rocky Road To Kansas

No rabble-rousing today, no raised fist for women’s solidarity, if you want a snippet of history to go with today’s block, check out Barbara Brackman’s blog.

When I was finishing this block, I had the nagging feeling that it reminded me of something.  Once I saw the photo, I realized what it was – it’s a piñata – all it needs is tassels!

Now you guess what I’ve got on the brain…

Could it possibly be homemade enchiladas and a big pitcher of margaritas?  Oh, yeah!

8 thoughts on “Block Eight: Rocky Road To Kansas

  1. akagracie

    As always, I’m amazed – just amazed – at how creative you are and what an intuitive grasp you have of color. I’m so looking forward to seeing the Liberty print version, too


    1. jotokla Post author

      *blushes* But the compliment is graciously accepted. BTW: glad to hear that the bandage came off your typing/rotary cutting finger. How is that Pickle Dish coming along?


  2. candy

    I love the colors in this block. I have yet to begin mine. The first Amethyst block nearly drove me nuts so I keep putting this one on the back burner!


    1. jotokla Post author

      Thanks Candy – and thanks for stopping by! I clicked over to your blog – your Grandmother’s Choice blocks are so pretty – can’t wait to see what you do with Block 8.

      And I have a sneaking suspicion that Amethyst won’t be the most challenging block that Barbara throws our way – color me paranoid, but I’ll just bet that she’s got something else up her sleeve.


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