Block Two: Amethyst

Here’s the second block in Barbara Brackman’s quilt project recalling The Fight For Women’s Rights.

As a matter of fact this is block two, v. 2 – the first attempt wasn’t great color-wise, so I’m not even going to post it here.

Y-seams (sigh).

I don’t have a lot to say about Y-seams except for one little piece of advice: while you’re making this block, keep reminding yourself to breathe.

Call me insane, but I’m seriously considering making two blocks a week.  I love the colors that I’m using in this quilt, but it does seem a little formal.  I’m thinking something scrappier in a second quilt – maybe try some down and dirty color techniques.

Then again, there is that small collection of fabrics that I purchased at Liberty of London.  I’ve been saving it for something special (close to 15 years come to think of it), and maybe now is the time to pull it out of my stash.

I’ll have to consider this for a bit.

4 thoughts on “Block Two: Amethyst

  1. akagracie

    Y-seams already? I thought this was supposed to start slowly and build up to more difficult patterns. I’m not working on remembering to breathe – I’m trying to keep from crying. It may be that I’ll create an entire quilt from block one, in various greens, purples, and creams (especially now that I have the KF fabrics to add to the original fabric pull).
    I really do like your block – really like the colors you’re using and the way the blocks are nowhere near flat. Like the idea of doing a scrappy quilt, too, especially when such scraps are Liberty (yum)


  2. jotokla Post author

    You CAN do this Gracie. It’s not much of a Y-seam, just take it slow. Then when you’ve got it done you can snap your fingers and look smug and superior whenever someone mentions Y-seams with dread.


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